Friday, January 29, 2010

The first two weeks...

Wow, a lot has happened and it feels like I have been here much longer than 2 weeks and that I have known these people for a lot longer too! I want to post pictures, but I stupidly haven't taken any yet. But I will get some and post em!

Here are some highlights so far:

-Invisible Children won $1 MILLION from Chase Bank-me and the new roadies helped tirelessly and crazily (not a word, I know) with this! It was craaazy! Watch this to see some of the craziness:
After we won, we prayed over the money-that we would be good stewards of it! I have never worked anywhere before (that is not Christian affiliated) that people so openly talk about their faith. We respect everyone's faith and do not force anything, but the founders, much of the staff, many of the roadies, and more are Christian. Invisible Children has so many values that correlate with the Christian faith (and other faiths), and it is very inspiring and refreshing!

-I've made tons of new friends- I love everyone who works at Invisible Children. seriously.

-We've worked 8-16 hour days. Called thousands of people the first week to get them to vote for us on facebook for the Chase giveaway.

-We have been on the news like 3 times. All during the Chase Bank competition. But yeah. Awesome.

-I live in a chaotic but exciting house with 50 other people.

-My team and I will have our first screening (mainly to practice) at a youth group in Ocean Beach on February 2nd!

-I know a heck of a lot about Invisible Children, the war, and such from only 2 weeks so far- but still have a LOT to learn.

...And tons more. I also loveee my team so far. I think we will work really well together. I'll have to post pictures of them too. It still hasn't settled in yet that Innocent and his mentor will be traveling and touring with us. It's so surreal.

Anyways I have to go but next time I'll write in more detail and post pictures.

Love and miss ya'll!


  1. You are where God wants you to be! You have such passion and joy with work there-hard work. I am very proud of you. God bless you and the whole team. You are making a difference. Love, Mom

  2. a house with 50 people? and we thought 11 was crazy.. but crazy awesome too, of course.

    glad everything's going well!

  3. Don't forget to update often Alsie, I'm going through withdrawals because I miss you sooooooooo much!