Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 29 and 30

I never wrote about the last 2 days of my strict paleo 30 days! I made this paleo chili that lasted me a few days, it was delicious.

2 lbs lean ground beef
1 lb stew meat
1 large can crushed tomatoes
1 can diced tomatoes & chilies
1 small can tomatillo salsa (I couldn't find tomatillo salsa but I used a different type of salsa, still turned out good)
1 large onion, diced
1/8 cup of almond flour
2 cups beef broth
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbs cumin
3-4 tbs chili powder (but I only put 2, roommates don't like too spicey)
olive oil

1. Sear stew meat in 2 tbs olive oil and remove from pot. I recommend cutting the pieces smaller, to about bite size
2. Brown onions in same pot and add the beef broth. Let it cook until the broth is reduced by half.
3. Add ground beef and almond flour. Stir it until it browns a bit.
4. Add garlic, spices, tomatoes, and stew meat
5. Simmer on low heat for a couple of hours.

It turned out really good! I'm sure if you wanted to add beans, even though its not paleo, it'd be really good as well. It was a lot so it was great for lunch and dinners.

I also made Paleo Pumpkin Cookies from Everyday Paleo. Although I substituted the maple syrup for a banana. They turned out alright, I think they would be much better with honey or maple syrup. I also added some vanilla.

So I literally ate chocolate at midnight of the 31st day. It was ridiculously good but it did make my stomach feel a little woozy! At the end of the first week of not being on paleo, and eating chick-fil-a, sweet potato fries, fried-green tomato BLT, a little bit of cheese, milkshake, ice cream (I kinda went overboard), I do feel more bloated and just sluggish. I don't know if it's from specific foods or just my stomach not used to junk after 30 days.

I need to come up with a plan of how I'm going to eat. This plan I will implement after the 4th of July :) What's Independence Day without a hotdog?!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Days 24-28

Day 28. I keep thinking about that chocolate I'm going to consume on Monday. This week was kind of torture because for my Habitat summer camp we had food donations all week, including three days of Chick-Fil-A. I couldn't eat any of it...and it was FREE.

I've been eating pretty much the same things lately but I did try baking some Paleo Pumpkin Almond Muffins. Instead of sugar I put a little bit more vanilla. They were so delicious but I was stupid and put them in tupperware before they were completely cooled and they got all moist and nasty and smelt disgusting so I had to throw half of them away :( Hard to believe they had NO sugar in them. 

Anyways not much to say today. I'm exhausted from my Habitat summer camp! Very proud of myself for resisting that chick fil a though ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Days 20-23

It's too far back to remember everything I ate the past few days but I want to tell you about some yummy new things I've tried.

I didn't have any spaghetti squash so I used some fresh zucchini, sauteed it in coconut oil and made meat sauce from the paleo spaghetti recipe. I enjoyed it with some flax seed/coconut bread. I have tons of leftover meat sauce so I've been putting that over some steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. I buy this huge thing of frozen veggies mix from walmart (gasp!) and it lasts forever. I put a bowl full of veggies with some water and heat it in the microwave for almost 3 minutes, then drain it, and it's perfect. I usually have frozen veggies and fresh veggies on hand.

After my workout today (by the way it was an intense workout- 50 lengths in the pool, weights, abs, stretching. And I didn't plan on going to the gym today!) I went to Food Lion to get some supplies and decided to make this DELICIOUS omelet! 

Alsie's Sun Dried Tomato N' Spinach Omelet

-2 fresh eggs
-spinach (frozen or fresh)
-green or red bell pepper
-turkey sausage (cooked. I buy mine pre-cooked so I just had to microwave it)
-sun dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil drained and cut up
-coconut oil
*I usually eye my ingredients and don't measure them too much. Sometimes it's way more veggies than eggs or vis versa but always good! Just use what you like.

-Saute the bell peppers in coconut oil in a frying pan over medium heat with coconut oil. If your spinach is frozen also saute that. If your spinach isn't frozen, wait until the bell peppers are done. If you like crispier bell peppers don't saute them for too long.
-Add the sun dried tomatoes and turkey sausage. 
-Turn your heat down to low-medium for the eggs.
-Make sure your veggies and sausage are even on the pan.
-In a separate bowl, whisk the 2 eggs. Pour the eggs over your veggie mixture in the frying pan. Try to get the eggs to cover all the veggies.
-Don't touch the omelet for a few minutes. Remember slow cooking eggs is the way to go unless you want hard, rubbery eggs! 
-If you can flip it, by all means do. I can never do that so I check to make sure it's cooked enough to fold in half then wait again for another couple minutes. 

I enjoyed mine with a strawberry, blueberry, almond butter smoothie. It was too good and very filling! 

I've been enjoying this diet and trying new things even though it's still a challenge. It's working and I feel really good. I don't feel bloated, I have more energy and I can see a difference. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 19

More than halfway done with the 30 day challenge.

Today was quite delicious. This morning I had 2 paleo pancakes and iced coffee, which wasn't enough. I ate leftovers for lunch (roasted red peppers chicken bake and roasted carrots). I swear every time I make food and bring it to work people ask me what it is.

For a snack I ate some apple and raw almonds which got me through my evening workout. I might be starting to like Whole Foods but I wish it wasn't so expensive. I went there after my workout and was very out of it and wondering down the aisles but strategically avoided the chocolate bars. They have a ridiculous selection of wonderful chocolate. I was embarrassed because I asked this guy where something was, and then after I bought everything I realized I bought almond meal instead of flax seed I had to go return the almond meal and had to ask the same guy again where the flax seed meal was. Oh well, he was charming.

For dinner I made a salad inspired by my Subway lunch yesterday. It was DELICIOUS.

Spinach Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad  (too long of a name?) 

-fresh baby spinach
-2 slices of cooked bacon diced
-cucumber slices
-1/2 an avocado
-1/2 green piper diced
-1/2 of a large chicken breast
-seasonings for the chicken (I used pepper, thyme, dill, basil...)
-oil & vinegar, or balsamic vinegar

Season and grill the chicken. I used a george foreman. I also used a whole chicken breast so that I would have leftovers for tomorrows lunch. Next place the spinach on a plate, add the veggies, avocado, bacon, etc. while the chicken is grilling. When the chicken is done cut it up and place it on top of the salad. I sprinkled it with some balsamic vinegar.

Then I decided to try out the flax seed bread again but after reading the comments I tried it with coconut flour. Here's the link to Original Flax Seed Bread Recipe

Here's the link to the ingredients I used this time:                                
-1 1/2 C flax seed meal                                                                          
-1/2 C coconut flour                                                                              
-1 tsp salt 
-1-2 TBSP sugar equivalent 
-7 beaten eggs 
-3/4 C water (check the consistency, you might need more. It should be quite thick but pourable)
-1/4 C oil (a little less oil than the original recipe)

Before and after baking the bread

 Delicious! I spread some almond butter and bananas on it for a lil dessert.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 17 & 18

I haven't really eaten anything out of the ordinary these days except for a new recipe I tried that turned out delicious.

Day 17:
-strawberry/banana smoothie
-paleo pancakes
-paleo BLAT
-small piece of flax seed bread and almond butter
-sausage and mustard (Although I'm not buying this kind of sausage again- it had too much sodium and I could tell even just by the way I felt afterwards)
-steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots

Day 18:
-strawberry/banana smoothie 
-paleo pancakes
-DELICIOUS salad from subway: spinach, grilled chicken, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, onions, pepper, oil & vinegar. 
-raw almonds

And for dinner I made a new chicken bake recipe that was pretty easy to make and absolutely delicious. I got it from

I didn't have sun dried tomatoes so instead I used some left overs roasted red bell peppers soaked in olive oil (found in a jar). It's going to be even better with a full jar. Extremely juicy and tasty. For a side I used all the carrots that were sitting our fridge for a while. I washed them, skinned them, cut them in half length ways then cut those in half. I put them in a baking dish, tossed with olive oil, and seasoned with pepper, rosemary, thyme, nutmeg, oregano, garlic salt. Next time I'll probably leave out the garlic salt and oregano.

I feel like I barely have time to try out new recipes all the time and cook every day and then I look at blogs with "paleo mamas" etc. and wonder how the heck they find the time to cook paleo for their families all the time. I wonder if they pack their kids paleo lunches for school? Can you imagine as a kid coming to school with a salad or chicken breast instead of a pb & j, chips, and an apple?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 15 & 16

We are over the halfway point! I was thinking that I might die of happiness when on day 31 I eat a piece of glorious chocolate. This blog might be getting a little redundant but it's helpful to me to continue to keep track of what I'm eating. I think I need to calm down on the bacon and sausage and start heating more lean meats. I've been doing pretty good on fruits and veggies though.

Yesterday, day 15:
-paleo pancakes, bacon, earl grey tea
-tuna & avocado with some flax seed bread
-strawberry/banana almond butter smoothie
-salad, and some kind of fish I'm not sure about....Aindrea and I went to a Dash baseball game (Winston's minor league team) and we had Founder's Club tickets with free food and drinks. I thought I picked up chicken but it was fish, and delicious!

Today I had a delicious brunch with some friends of mine at a restaurant called Breakfast of Course where you can customize your own omelets. I got one with smoked sausage, bell peppers and spinach with a side of asparagus and gluten free bread. Although afterwards I was thinking I wasn't sure what else was in that gluten free bread and probably shouldn't risk it next time (it may have a ton of sugar? I'm not sure).

Here's what else I ate:
-paleo pancake with 1/2 a banana and unsweetened apple sauce
-chicken sandwich without the bread
-sunflower seeds
-sausage and yellow mustard
-steamed veggies

Definitely need to make some chicken tomorrow. Otherwise everything is still going great and I am seeing and feeling results. I've been lacking on the exercise but I guess I've just been going to too many free Dash games ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 13 & 14

I never thought I'd love flaxseed bread so much. The word flaxseed even sounds too grainy and dirty and hippy for me to like. Haha but I love this bread recipe and anyone who is on a low carb diet should try it because it's good and extremely easy to make. Of course I only say that after my 2nd try...but watch the video on this link and you're golden:

Yesterday, Day 13, I ate over easy eggs, bacon, paleo pancakes. Then I had an interesting 24 hour something or other so I ate paleo pancakes, bacon, unsweetened apple sauce, and herbal tea. In the evening I was starving so I tried out that flax seed bread and made up some tuna and made myself a delicious tuna sandwich! 

Today, Day 14, I made an egg scramble with peppers, green onion and spinach. I ate some paleo pancakes with it and instead of coffee I had Earl Grey Lavender tea (delicious!). 

My mind is moving towards all the possibilities of what I'm going to do with this flax seed bread and on the way home I thought of a BLT and got way too excited. I mean it's just food, right?! 

So here's what I did (I was so excited I took pictures of my beautiful sandwich):

Alsie's Paleo BLAT 

-1 small tomato, or 1/2 of a large one
-2 pieces of flax seed bread (recipe above)
-4-6 pieces of bacon, depending on how large your sandwich is
-yellow mustard
-about half an avocado 

First cook the bacon. Let it cool off on a paper towel. While the bacon is cooking, prepare the rest of the sandwich. I like to put the yellow mustard on both sides of the bread. On one side I placed the lettuce and tomato slices.  Next, cut the avocado in half. Cut the half into slices, scoop desired amount and spread it directly onto the bread. Place the nice crispy bacon on top of that and you've got your delicious flax seed BLAT! 


I enjoyed mine with a glass of iced tea. I had 2 of these they were so good. 

I'm thinking of adding sprouts next time to make it a "BLAST." haha.

Then for dinner I heated up some sausage, dipped that in mustard, and had some steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Tomorrow is the half way point!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 11 & 12

Being on this paleo thing reminds me of trying to be more disciplined in other areas of my life as well. Trying to exercise on a regular basis, working on my relationship with God daily, being more consistent about searching for what my dream job is, being a better friend, sister, and daughter... I don't know what it is about me; if I'm trying to improve something in my life like health that apparently inspires me to work on myself in other aspects of my life. Perhaps because if I know I can be successful in this, I can be successful in other things. It's funny thinking about times when I didn't watch what I ate, because ironically I wasn't really watching or caring intentionally about other areas either. My personal life wasn't the healthiest and I rarely exercised. Not that my life was in shambles obviously but I find myself living more intentionally lately. 

This reminds me of a quote :)
‎"The unexamined life is not worth living" -Socrates

It's important to me to continually examine myself and my life. If i'm not living intentionally, life will literally pass me by and one day I'll look back and wonder what I did with it. 

So this is my paleo blog so here is what I ate Day 11:
-2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 paleo pancakes (so full afterwards)
-salad with apple, pecans, balsamic vinegar
-tuna and avocado 
-some paleo spaghetti

This is what I ate/am going to eat for today, Day 12:
-2 eggs and 2 sausages
-berry and banana smoothie
-chicken salad from panera (YUM!)
-pulled bbq pork (the bbq sauce had tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and a tiny bit of salt..soo good) and a side salad 

Almost halfway done! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 10

Why is breakfast so good? Today I think it's safe to say I made my best over easy eggs yet. Does it make me a nerd that I was excited about this and ate with glee? I also had sausages and mini paleo pancakes. Totally worth getting up early in the morning.

At lunch some co-workers asked me what I was eating (tuna with avocado and a salad). They said it looked good and asked if I made it. Of course! Does anyone ever buy pre-made tuna mix?

It can be an awkward dynamic- being on a diet- because I'm always contemplating, should I tell people? Will they ask me about it everyday? Feel obligated they have to choose restaurants with things I can eat? Feel bad that they're eating foods I'm choosing not to? Tell me things like "ohh you don't need to lose weight!" or "you gotta live a little." Obviously I've thought through giving up bread, cheese, chocolate, and beer people. That's why I haven't really told a bunch of people unless I know they'd be encouraging or if I have to (roommates and close friends). It is hard resisting food though when it's offered to me from those who don't know I'm trying to cut things out.

I tried making a berry, banana, almond butter smoothie and it turned out really weird. Probably not doing that mix again. For dinner I had leftover paleo spaghetti mixed with some yellow squash. And a side salad. As well as homemade iced tea. Everyone else was eating peach cobbler with ice cream at the time but y'know it wasn't too bad! I still crave sweets and chocolate but for now I have unsweetened apple sauce and coconut macaroons to help. When those macaroons finish I'm diving into some crazy paleo cookie recipes. Let's hope they don't turn out like my flaxseed bread.

I almost didn't go to the gym today but am glad I did. I've been swimming mostly but today I knew I needed to get some weights in, so I did 45 min on the elliptical (it was rough), some weights, abs, stretching. Why is it so rough motivating myself to go to the gym? I think about whether or not I'm going to go more than actually going. It's a habit I think you need to force yourself into. I also need to find a workout buddy.

20 more daysssss!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 9

Brunch on the weekends just might be one of my favorite parts of the week. I get to make everything from scratch and take my time. I enjoy my food sitting down either with my roommates or watching an episode of Dead Like Me. I eat with a nice cup of hot coffee. No need to rush to work and no need to eat in the car. Then I get to lay on my couch, be lazy, and let my food digest. Does this paragraph make me weird?

There is the most delicious breakfast place in Asheville, NC called Sunny Point Cafe. Veronica, my mom's best friend, bought their cookbook for me and Anna when her and my mom were visiting us. It's awesome because it has all these yummy recipes (I skimmed through it and found some paleo friendly ones I'll have to try) but also describes how you should cook certain things, what equipment to use, and general information about food. I am still working on the perfect over-easy egg but the book gave great advice:
-Use the freshest eggs you can find. Fresh eggs don't break as easily.
-Don't salt the eggs before cooking them...makes them tough...Leave the salt on the table.
-Cook over low heat. Patience makes delicious eggs. High heat makes them rubbery and burnt. 
-Cold eggs are the worst- make the coffee first and serve your nice hot eggs with a hot cup of joe! 

I still need to figure out the timing. I crack the eggs and let them sit for a couple minutes (over low heat now) until they're hard enough to flip. I flipped the eggs and they sat there for about a minute. They didn't turn out exactly runny but not exactly hard yellowy either (great word choices, right?). Next time when I flip I'll keep them on for about 30 seconds only. 

With brunch I also ate 2 sausage links (I found sausage that is microwaveable and soo good) and 2 mini paleo pancakes. As always I enjoyed it with coffee and coconut milk! 

Tonight I'll be enjoying leftovers- either tuna and avocado or paleo spaghetti. 

Rest of Day 8

I tried out a couple new things, one which turned out pretty good and the other not so much!


1 spaghetti squash
1 lb. ground beef
1 brown onion
2 tbsp. minced garlic
1 large can crushed tomatoes
1 can diced tomatoes, drained
garlic powder
onion powder
coconut oil

-Bake the squash: Cut the squash in half and de-seed it. Place it cut-sides down in a baking dish for 40 minutes at 375
-While the squash is cooking, make the sauce. Brown the onion and garlic in coconut oil. Add the ground beef and spices. Brown the ground beef. Add the tomatoes and simmer until the squash is done.
-Take the squash out of the over and scrape the "noodles" from the skin
-Serve sauce over squash

*I thought there was way more sauce than noodles so either cut the sauce ingredients in half or bake 2 spaghetti squashes! Also the spaghetti squash was like using really thing angel hair pasta but I still thought it was yummy.

All in all it turned out delicious and I was surprised about how yummy the homemade sauce was. I also made a salad with mixed greens, apples, pecans topped with oil & balsamic vinegar (delicious!).  I'll have leftovers for a while.

I also tried making flaxseed bread from this recipe: 

But it was not nearly finished in the oven in 20 minutes so I tried baking it for longer and it is still soggy. Maybe it was the baking dish I used? I also didn't have parchment paper so I used aluminum foil so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it. I'll definitely try again though.

I also took a trip to Whole Foods. I have a love/hate relationship with that store. I think it's overpriced, a bit pretentious, and some of the people who shop there are just too cool for school. But I have to admit, it has the BEST stuff and when you can't find it elsewhere, you'll find it at Whole Foods. I bought a few things there among some almond flavored macaroons to cure my sweet tooth disease. 

They aren't bad but man I gotta get used to that coconut texture. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

1st part of Day 8

I lost 2 pounds. To be honest I wished it was more but this way is a lot healthier. They say you should only lose about 2 pounds a week or 10% of your body as long as I keep eating Paleo for the next 3 weeks I'll lose 6 more pounds. I have to figure out how I want my diet to look afterwards. I definitely am going to cook way more, not have Chick-Fil-A or Cookout once a week, etc... but I do miss chocolate and was thinking I could have bread and cheese maybe like once a week? I could do a similar thing I was doing with my last diet with a "cheat" meal once a week and do this until I get to my desired health goals. I was talking with my friend who is a personal trainer and he said you don't always need to be on a strict diet to maintain a healthy weight but then again he's a boy and works out like crazy.

What are my desired health goals? I think to have a good healthy body fat percentage and be comfortable in a bathing suit! At first I almost wrote I want to lose 20 pounds, but it's not always about the pounds but much more about body fat percentage and what's right for me. After these 30 days I'll take the test at the YMCA to measure my body fat to see how my progress is going.

Breakfast is by far the best/easiest time of day on paleo because I eat the same things I love. Although before this I was eating bagels all the time. This morning I made 2 over easy eggs (the best ones I've ever made actually), 2 sausages and 2 mini paleo pancakes. Right now I'm enjoying coffee with coconut milk.

After lunch and during dinner is when it gets tough because I always want something sweet or some bread. I actually haven't had too much trouble cutting cheese out. Tonight I'm going to try paleo spaghetti...yum!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 7

Done with week 1!

-1 egg muffin
-2 paleo pancakes
-chipotle salad with grilled chicken, guacamole, peppers, onions, salsa
-berry smoothie
-grilled chicken salad with green peppers, bacon bits, cucumber, oil & vinegar at East Coast Wings

Today I also played tennis with my friends Ryan, Kathy, and Walker. It was a ton of fun and it needs to be a weekly thing. I enjoy tennis, it is somewhat of a good workout, and you're with fun people.

Day 6

I do feel better and maybe it's a placebo effect but I look a little better too! It's almost a week and I'm trying to decide if I should weigh myself once a week or wait until the end of the 30 days. It may be motivation to see if I'm losing weight. I guess it could be motivation if I'm not losing weight either.

This is what I ate today:
-2 egg muffins
-2 mini paleo pancakes
-paleo tuna and avocado (SO good, recipe is below!)
-guacamole (avocado with salsa mixed together) and carrots
-sausage and yellow mustard
-smoothie with frozen berries, coconut milk, ice, and almond butter
-some free white wine at a baseball game :)



3-4 avocados
4 cans of tuna
3 green onions, diced
3 celery stalks, diced
1/2 green pepper, diced (optional but yummy)
3 tbsp dried dill
1 tbsp garlic powder
black pepper to taste
About 1 cup Olive Oil Mayo

-Mix the tuna, onions, celery, dill, garlic powder, peppers, black pepper, and olive oil mayo 
-Cut avocados in half and take out the seeds. Scoop the avocados out of the skin.
-Scoop tuna mix into avocados.
*I ate 1 avocado so I have lots of leftover tuna for later in the week!  


1 cup of olive oil
1 egg
1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp yellow mustard 
salt and cayenne to taste

-Mix all ingredients with a blender or by hand for a few minutes
-It will harden more in the fridge
-Use within 10 days 

These were DELICIOUS! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 5

Today was all about leftovers. This is what I ate:
-1 egg muffin
-2 paleo pancakes (I still can't get over how yum they are!)
-steak siroloin salad with onions, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, onions, oil & vinegar
-Smoothie with 3/4 cup assorted frozen berries, 1/2 banana, about a cup of coconut milk, a few pieces of ice
-leftover pulled pork, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash (sauteed in coconut oil and seasoned with basil leaves, pepper and oregano)
-salad with apples, pecans
-for dessert I made something new inspired by this recipe:



2-3 bananas cut into bite size pieces
1/4 cup olive oil or coconut oil
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
zest of 1 lemon (which I didn't have this time)
juice of 1 lemon (I used lemon juice)

-Preheat oven to 350
-Put the banana slices on a baking dishes
-Combine olive or coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon zest & juice together
-Drizzle over bananas
-Bake for 12-15 minutes
*If you like them a bit crispier like I do, saute them over medium to high heat for a few minutes until it's browned on both sides!

It's delicious! Definitely has cured my sweet tooth cravings for the day.

Aindrea and I swam 50 lengths today at the Y. Felt great! Something that motivates me is something I heard once...I never regret going to the gym, but I do regret not going. Or something like that :)

Random thought of the day!

I don't think America...or maybe it's just the south...knows how to make food without cheese or bread products! Although I can't blame them...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 4

Paleo egg muffins are a God-send. 

I am not a morning person so I needed a healthy breakfast on-the-go. These last for a few days in the fridge so I was stoked when I found a recipe on these 2 websites: and

I did it a bit differently though so here's the recipe-

*Note these aren't my exact measurements. In fact I made way too many veggies which I've stored in the fridge for eggs later this week. This is what I think may work better for 12 egg muffins.

10-12 eggs whisked well
1.5 cup broccoli
1 cup spinach
1 green pepper 
6 pieces bacon (or sausage) FULLY COOKED
coconut oil
other suggested ingredients from websites I saw: onions, zucchini, egg whites, roasted red & yellow peppers

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees
-Grease muffin pans with olive oil
-Saute veggies in a frying pan over medium heat with the coconut oil.
-Cut off sauteing process about half-way through cooking. Veggies will finish in oven
-Mix the veggies and bacon 
-Divide veggie/bacon mix evenly between muffin tins
-Stir veggie and egg mixture briefly to disperse evenly in tins
-Bake the egg muffins in oven for approx 20 minutes. Cooking time may vary depending on the tin and oven
-Let the muffins cool and store in your fridge...They typically keep for about a week

For a snack I made the strawberry banana almond butter smoothie. delicious again. I stored it in my work fridge. Then for lunch I had a work meeting at a restaurant and just about the only think I could order was a grilled chicken salad with oil and vinegar for dressing. For a snack later I had a few raw almonds. 

So for dinner I had the pulled pork and paleo bbq sauce...the pork turned out great but the bbq sauce tasted like nothing. There has to be a better paleo recipe. 

Here's what I did for the pork:


2 lb. pork tenderloin
2 cups broth (I used chicken) 
1 onion
2 cloves garlic 
full cloves (which I completely forgot) 

1. Cover bottom of crock pot with onion, garlic and broth. I chopped the onion but the recipe didn't specify
2. Pierce tenderloin with cloves
3. Cook on low for 7-9 hours

And I suggest finding a good bbq sauce! 

I made zucchini with this. I heated some coconut oil and seasoned the zucchini with rosemary, oregano and pepper and sautéed for about 10-15 minutes. delicious! 

For exercise today I walked around my neighborhood for 20 minutes.

I go to Trivia every tuesday at an Irish pub and it was rough! I wanted a beer but passed, then my table ordered homemade chips with blue cheese crumbles...ugh...I passed again. 

I still really want chocolate, I don't think this craving will ever go away. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 3

I feel like I ate too much today and I made my first mistake but I'm going to be way more careful now.

For brunch, I had my leftover frittata again, 2 mini paleo pancakes, and a small orange/tangerine. Drank coffee with some coconut milk.

Around 5:30 I had leftover chicken enchilada bake but this time I topped it with avocado and it is DELICIOUS! I also ate half an apple.

This is where I made my mistake. ugh. We went to a bbq with lotsa yummy food so I ate a hot dog with no bun and a hamburger patty. I topped both with a tiny bit of chili. The hot dog was too processed and the chili is probably not paleo whatsoever. It's only day 3 but I feel gross after that and I'm going to be way more careful now. blah. I haven't eaten anything since.

For exercise I went to the YMCA pool and swam 50 lengths or 25 laps. I don't know if it's a 25 meter pool or olympic sized but I'm guessing 25 meter. I did that in about 40 minutes.

Right now, in preparation for tomorrow and possibly the week, I'm making paleo egg muffins and did the prep work for pulled pork with paleo bbq sauce. I'll share the recipes tomorrow and hopefully I can get my pictures up!

Lesson learned today: DON'T cheat, even if it's not that bad and wasn't that much. It's just sitting in my stomach. yuck.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 2

Today was a lot less cooking due to the massive amounts of food I cooked yesterday. For breakfast I had my leftover frittata (and there is still enough for tomorrow) as well as 3 mini paleo pancakes. All delicious still. I also still have some pancake batter leftover for tomorrow. I also drank black coffee which I accidentally spilt at church and was totally embarrassed when small puddles of it formed by the family in front of me...

Lunch was rough because everyone after church wanted to go to Mi Pueblo, a delicious mexican restaurant with the most delicious cheesy burritos. Not to mention chips n salsa, diet coke... But I kept reminding myself of my weight and chub (haha) and ordered unsweet the south it's either unsweet (or what is considered regular iced tea where I'm from) or "sweet tea" (sweetest tea ever), and a guacamole salad which was lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, and I ordered grilled chicken to top it. No cheese, no dressing.

A few hours later I tried my first paleo smoothie to try and subside my chocolate and sugar cravings. I thought it might be good to try it with some almond butter. Inspired by some recipes I looked up, this is what I made:

3/4 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 of a banana
about 1 cup of almond milk (I didn't really measure, it's kinda something I just eye)
2 tablespoons almond butter
a few iced cubes

I put it all in my awesome magic bullet and it turned out SO good. I probably shouldn't get used to putting almond butter in it there because it's so expensive. Do any of you know a place with reasonably priced almond butter?

I also had some leftover chicken enchilada bake which I'll probably eat some more of later and tomorrow :) I was also thinking I'd record my workouts for my sake as well as accountability. Yesterday I didn't do anything because I shopped and cooked so much then had to work at 5:30. Today me and Aindrea went walking for about 40 minutes with our dog and I'm going to do some crunches as well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 1...part 2

For dinner I made a Chicken Enchilada Bake. Instead of writing out the recipe I'll put a link:

Be warned, it is SPICY. If you like spicy you'll love it. If not, I recommend still trying it out but putting less spices and the chipotle peppers. It also makes a lot so it's great for leftovers. It took me about an hour and a half total from start to finish, but that's a bit longer than it should take because I forgot to boil and shred the chicken first thing.

I already seriously miss chocolate! And diet coke. I don't know what is going to replace chocolate but I'm drinking iced tea way more now instead of diet coke. Hopefully after the first few days I'll stop craving chocolate/sugar so much.

My roommates and I are going out and instead of the usual beer I'll get red wine. I don't think that's really party of Paleo but Cristin did it so I'm doing it ;)

Day 1

The last day or so I've been preparing to start this Paleo 30 day "diet". Which reminds me, I should never call it a "diet", according to my boss Sherry, because guess what the first 3 letters spell? DIE. She believes we should call it a life change, or way of living, or whatever. The thing is Paleo doesn't seem like too much of a diet to me...yet. I will miss chocolate and sweetning my coffee. But I am very excited to see how it feels to cut out all the carbs and sugar. Something I eat makes me feel bloated and I'm guessing it falls into that category.

Last night and this morning I went to Lowe's Foods and Wal-Mart. I spent way too much money but I got a ton of food- meat, fruit, nuts, veggies, coconut oil, almond butter, eggs. No gluten, bread, grains, sugar stuff, candy, cheese, anything dairy, not even beans.

If I wasn't a dork before, I definitely am now. I printed out the paleo stuff Cristin sent me and organized it into a binder with different sections. I also semi-planned the meals that me and Aindrea would eat for the week. It's pretty tentative though because the recipes I plan on making don't have a serving size so I have no idea how much each recipe will make.

Today I made brunch- Frittata and Paleo Pancakes.

FRITTATA: (the way I made it, not exactly what the recipe said)
12 eggs, beaten
1/2 red onion, diced
1/2 bag spinach
2 green peppers
7 pieces of bacon, cooked and chopped
4 pieces of sausage, cooked
coconut oil

There were more onions & mushrooms in the original recipe but I don't like mushrooms and the amount of onions in it was absurd. Although I wish I had green onions, those would actually be pretty good.

1. Saute all vegetables (except spinach) and meat until vegetables are tender. (Before this it took about 10 minutes to cook the bacon, and I bought pre-cooked sausage that needed to be microwaved). Takes about 10 minutes to saute veggies.

2. Add 1/2 bag spinach. Cook until the spinach has cooked down. Spread veggies evenly over bottom of skillet.

3. Pour eggs evenly over the veggies mixture. DO NOT mix once eggs are poured on top.

4. Cover and cook on low heat for about 20 minutes. It's done when it's solid.
Now mine was a bit burnt on the bottom but perfect on top. I think it's because I accidentally heated it over Medium heat, now low heat.

5. Drain excess liquid. Flip onto a plate and slide back into skillet so that the top side cooks for about 5 minutes. Maybe you'll have better luck here than me.

*Next time, unless I have a huge party, I'd do about half the ingredients because I have a ton of leftovers! This turned out really good and it's a great brunch option. It takes kind of a long time though.

2 eggs
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/2 cup almond butter
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
coconut oil

1. Mix all ingredients except coconut oil until you have a uniform batter.

2. Use a bit of coconut oil to grease a non-sticket skillet.

3. Spread some of the batter into a skillet to form a pancake. (Smaller pancakes are easier to flip) Then cook over low/medium heat.

4. Flip after 1-2 minutes being careful not to burn.

5. I didn't put any toppings on it, but the recipe recommends apples & cinnamon, heated blueberries, or unsweetened applesauce & cinnamon

*This turned out pretty good! I made 2 small ones and am saving the batter for the next couple days.


I also need to get used to drinking coffee without sweetner, and it's not bad. CJ predicts I'll soon like it better than with sugar. We'll see!

Now I might make chili since it has to simmer for a few hours. For a snack I may make a smoothie but I am REALLY full right now.

So far, so good but it's only been half a day. Oh and per recommendation from Cristin, I weighed myself and am going to measure myself and check again in 30 days. Definitely have some motivation.

Monday, May 23, 2011

To Paleo or Not to Paleo

30 days is just 30 days. I'm pretty sure the previous 30 days were stolen from me, I'm not sure where they went. So if I did strictly paleo in 30 days, wouldn't it be over before I know it? The last diet I was on I lost weight, it's true, but it was never sustainable and extremely strict. Looking at paleo recipes I'm fairly excited. All the meat I want. Fruits and veggies. A recipe that looks like a real brownie. Dairy makes me feel gross anyways and I'm sure carbs and wheat are what makes me feel bloated. If I can feel a difference in a week I'll make it through the rest.

Since I have this blog, I thought it'd be fun to record my 30 days. I don't know when I'm starting, but after stepping on the scale tonight I'm pretty sure it'll have to be ASAP.