Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 13 & 14

I never thought I'd love flaxseed bread so much. The word flaxseed even sounds too grainy and dirty and hippy for me to like. Haha but I love this bread recipe and anyone who is on a low carb diet should try it because it's good and extremely easy to make. Of course I only say that after my 2nd try...but watch the video on this link and you're golden:

Yesterday, Day 13, I ate over easy eggs, bacon, paleo pancakes. Then I had an interesting 24 hour something or other so I ate paleo pancakes, bacon, unsweetened apple sauce, and herbal tea. In the evening I was starving so I tried out that flax seed bread and made up some tuna and made myself a delicious tuna sandwich! 

Today, Day 14, I made an egg scramble with peppers, green onion and spinach. I ate some paleo pancakes with it and instead of coffee I had Earl Grey Lavender tea (delicious!). 

My mind is moving towards all the possibilities of what I'm going to do with this flax seed bread and on the way home I thought of a BLT and got way too excited. I mean it's just food, right?! 

So here's what I did (I was so excited I took pictures of my beautiful sandwich):

Alsie's Paleo BLAT 

-1 small tomato, or 1/2 of a large one
-2 pieces of flax seed bread (recipe above)
-4-6 pieces of bacon, depending on how large your sandwich is
-yellow mustard
-about half an avocado 

First cook the bacon. Let it cool off on a paper towel. While the bacon is cooking, prepare the rest of the sandwich. I like to put the yellow mustard on both sides of the bread. On one side I placed the lettuce and tomato slices.  Next, cut the avocado in half. Cut the half into slices, scoop desired amount and spread it directly onto the bread. Place the nice crispy bacon on top of that and you've got your delicious flax seed BLAT! 


I enjoyed mine with a glass of iced tea. I had 2 of these they were so good. 

I'm thinking of adding sprouts next time to make it a "BLAST." haha.

Then for dinner I heated up some sausage, dipped that in mustard, and had some steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Tomorrow is the half way point!


  1. that looks amazing alsie. i want to make some more bread right now but i am lazy!

  2. haha it's so simple yet so delicious