Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 9

Brunch on the weekends just might be one of my favorite parts of the week. I get to make everything from scratch and take my time. I enjoy my food sitting down either with my roommates or watching an episode of Dead Like Me. I eat with a nice cup of hot coffee. No need to rush to work and no need to eat in the car. Then I get to lay on my couch, be lazy, and let my food digest. Does this paragraph make me weird?

There is the most delicious breakfast place in Asheville, NC called Sunny Point Cafe. Veronica, my mom's best friend, bought their cookbook for me and Anna when her and my mom were visiting us. It's awesome because it has all these yummy recipes (I skimmed through it and found some paleo friendly ones I'll have to try) but also describes how you should cook certain things, what equipment to use, and general information about food. I am still working on the perfect over-easy egg but the book gave great advice:
-Use the freshest eggs you can find. Fresh eggs don't break as easily.
-Don't salt the eggs before cooking them...makes them tough...Leave the salt on the table.
-Cook over low heat. Patience makes delicious eggs. High heat makes them rubbery and burnt. 
-Cold eggs are the worst- make the coffee first and serve your nice hot eggs with a hot cup of joe! 

I still need to figure out the timing. I crack the eggs and let them sit for a couple minutes (over low heat now) until they're hard enough to flip. I flipped the eggs and they sat there for about a minute. They didn't turn out exactly runny but not exactly hard yellowy either (great word choices, right?). Next time when I flip I'll keep them on for about 30 seconds only. 

With brunch I also ate 2 sausage links (I found sausage that is microwaveable and soo good) and 2 mini paleo pancakes. As always I enjoyed it with coffee and coconut milk! 

Tonight I'll be enjoying leftovers- either tuna and avocado or paleo spaghetti. 


  1. Nice! I think I have been to impatient with my eggs. I'll try your suggestions. I wish we were close so we could cook and eat together!

  2. I know I was just thinking about that while reading your bloggidy blog. maybe you should to move to whatever city i go to grad school in :D

  3. if u go to nyc it will be very hard for me to resist