Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 19

More than halfway done with the 30 day challenge.

Today was quite delicious. This morning I had 2 paleo pancakes and iced coffee, which wasn't enough. I ate leftovers for lunch (roasted red peppers chicken bake and roasted carrots). I swear every time I make food and bring it to work people ask me what it is.

For a snack I ate some apple and raw almonds which got me through my evening workout. I might be starting to like Whole Foods but I wish it wasn't so expensive. I went there after my workout and was very out of it and wondering down the aisles but strategically avoided the chocolate bars. They have a ridiculous selection of wonderful chocolate. I was embarrassed because I asked this guy where something was, and then after I bought everything I realized I bought almond meal instead of flax seed I had to go return the almond meal and had to ask the same guy again where the flax seed meal was. Oh well, he was charming.

For dinner I made a salad inspired by my Subway lunch yesterday. It was DELICIOUS.

Spinach Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad  (too long of a name?) 

-fresh baby spinach
-2 slices of cooked bacon diced
-cucumber slices
-1/2 an avocado
-1/2 green piper diced
-1/2 of a large chicken breast
-seasonings for the chicken (I used pepper, thyme, dill, basil...)
-oil & vinegar, or balsamic vinegar

Season and grill the chicken. I used a george foreman. I also used a whole chicken breast so that I would have leftovers for tomorrows lunch. Next place the spinach on a plate, add the veggies, avocado, bacon, etc. while the chicken is grilling. When the chicken is done cut it up and place it on top of the salad. I sprinkled it with some balsamic vinegar.

Then I decided to try out the flax seed bread again but after reading the comments I tried it with coconut flour. Here's the link to Original Flax Seed Bread Recipe

Here's the link to the ingredients I used this time:                                
-1 1/2 C flax seed meal                                                                          
-1/2 C coconut flour                                                                              
-1 tsp salt 
-1-2 TBSP sugar equivalent 
-7 beaten eggs 
-3/4 C water (check the consistency, you might need more. It should be quite thick but pourable)
-1/4 C oil (a little less oil than the original recipe)

Before and after baking the bread

 Delicious! I spread some almond butter and bananas on it for a lil dessert.


  1. looks good. you are cooking way more than I lately. I need to get back on that =)

  2. p.s. really aren't supposed to have a sugar substitute my sister unless you use vanilla extract

  3. ok i shall do that next time! i kind of just used 1 tbsp of real sugar because the more i learn about sugar substitute the more i learn how bad it is for you

  4. yeah well, if not on strict paleo i would use 100 % pure maple syrup but on strict paleo you are not supposed to have any sugar or salt.

  5. then why'd you gimme a link to this bread huh?? haha

  6. I told you not to use sugar silly

  7. i dont remember. well its 1 TBSP for like a big thing of bread it aint gonna kill me

  8. true. you are slacking on your blogs...catch up =)