Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 7

Done with week 1!

-1 egg muffin
-2 paleo pancakes
-chipotle salad with grilled chicken, guacamole, peppers, onions, salsa
-berry smoothie
-grilled chicken salad with green peppers, bacon bits, cucumber, oil & vinegar at East Coast Wings

Today I also played tennis with my friends Ryan, Kathy, and Walker. It was a ton of fun and it needs to be a weekly thing. I enjoy tennis, it is somewhat of a good workout, and you're with fun people.


  1. so did you like the chipotle salad??
    I ate - 2 eggs, 2 paleo pancakes
    seeds and rasins
    pumpkin muffin
    lara bar
    eggs and shredded beef
    eggs and bacon =)

    wow i had a lot of eggs today! and abe told me i look like i've lost weight - in just one week!!

  2. you need to post the pumpkin muffin, lara bar, stuffed zucchini, and asparagus soup recipes!!

  3. oh and i did like the chipotle don't need dressing because of the guacamole, but it was kind of torture not getting beans and rice and cheese and sour cream!

    great job and i'm sure you look super skinny like always!

  4. i know i need to post stuff, was planning on doing that later today =)