Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 10

Why is breakfast so good? Today I think it's safe to say I made my best over easy eggs yet. Does it make me a nerd that I was excited about this and ate with glee? I also had sausages and mini paleo pancakes. Totally worth getting up early in the morning.

At lunch some co-workers asked me what I was eating (tuna with avocado and a salad). They said it looked good and asked if I made it. Of course! Does anyone ever buy pre-made tuna mix?

It can be an awkward dynamic- being on a diet- because I'm always contemplating, should I tell people? Will they ask me about it everyday? Feel obligated they have to choose restaurants with things I can eat? Feel bad that they're eating foods I'm choosing not to? Tell me things like "ohh you don't need to lose weight!" or "you gotta live a little." Obviously I've thought through giving up bread, cheese, chocolate, and beer people. That's why I haven't really told a bunch of people unless I know they'd be encouraging or if I have to (roommates and close friends). It is hard resisting food though when it's offered to me from those who don't know I'm trying to cut things out.

I tried making a berry, banana, almond butter smoothie and it turned out really weird. Probably not doing that mix again. For dinner I had leftover paleo spaghetti mixed with some yellow squash. And a side salad. As well as homemade iced tea. Everyone else was eating peach cobbler with ice cream at the time but y'know it wasn't too bad! I still crave sweets and chocolate but for now I have unsweetened apple sauce and coconut macaroons to help. When those macaroons finish I'm diving into some crazy paleo cookie recipes. Let's hope they don't turn out like my flaxseed bread.

I almost didn't go to the gym today but am glad I did. I've been swimming mostly but today I knew I needed to get some weights in, so I did 45 min on the elliptical (it was rough), some weights, abs, stretching. Why is it so rough motivating myself to go to the gym? I think about whether or not I'm going to go more than actually going. It's a habit I think you need to force yourself into. I also need to find a workout buddy.

20 more daysssss!


  1. You are doing so good Alsie, I'm proud of you! and again...if i was there or you were here we would be total work out buddies.

    You are smart not to tell a bunch of people about your diet. I have people try to tempt me all the time. They are always amazed by my will power. I always think - Its not that hard people, just decide and do it!

    I'm excited for you to try cookie recipes =).

  2. you're doing a great job too!!