Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 1...part 2

For dinner I made a Chicken Enchilada Bake. Instead of writing out the recipe I'll put a link:

Be warned, it is SPICY. If you like spicy you'll love it. If not, I recommend still trying it out but putting less spices and the chipotle peppers. It also makes a lot so it's great for leftovers. It took me about an hour and a half total from start to finish, but that's a bit longer than it should take because I forgot to boil and shred the chicken first thing.

I already seriously miss chocolate! And diet coke. I don't know what is going to replace chocolate but I'm drinking iced tea way more now instead of diet coke. Hopefully after the first few days I'll stop craving chocolate/sugar so much.

My roommates and I are going out and instead of the usual beer I'll get red wine. I don't think that's really party of Paleo but Cristin did it so I'm doing it ;)


  1. thanks for posting and yes I made my own "red wine is okay rule" haha. I made paleo friendly deserts to replace chocolate and found these "cookies" that were made only of coconut - maroons or something that at sprouts.

  2. uh i don't like coconut. ahh!! haha but i might have to try them


    they are pretty good, I didn't like coconut before this either.

    I also found this site for some good recipes: