Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 3

I feel like I ate too much today and I made my first mistake but I'm going to be way more careful now.

For brunch, I had my leftover frittata again, 2 mini paleo pancakes, and a small orange/tangerine. Drank coffee with some coconut milk.

Around 5:30 I had leftover chicken enchilada bake but this time I topped it with avocado and it is DELICIOUS! I also ate half an apple.

This is where I made my mistake. ugh. We went to a bbq with lotsa yummy food so I ate a hot dog with no bun and a hamburger patty. I topped both with a tiny bit of chili. The hot dog was too processed and the chili is probably not paleo whatsoever. It's only day 3 but I feel gross after that and I'm going to be way more careful now. blah. I haven't eaten anything since.

For exercise I went to the YMCA pool and swam 50 lengths or 25 laps. I don't know if it's a 25 meter pool or olympic sized but I'm guessing 25 meter. I did that in about 40 minutes.

Right now, in preparation for tomorrow and possibly the week, I'm making paleo egg muffins and did the prep work for pulled pork with paleo bbq sauce. I'll share the recipes tomorrow and hopefully I can get my pictures up!

Lesson learned today: DON'T cheat, even if it's not that bad and wasn't that much. It's just sitting in my stomach. yuck.


  1. good job with the swimming. you are lucky i'm not making you start over ;) Can't wait for the recipes/pictures

  2. haha i know but i really have learned my lesson my stomach feels gross!


    that is the blog my roommate and I are using together. Just started it but I posted a paleo recipe =)