Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BEATS Sandwich

I crack myself up with the greatest jokes and puns in the world. "BEATS" sandwich -

Bacon (or Bread, or both?)
S (I added this extra S to show I used Sourdough bread)

So bad, yet so good. Such a bad joke, but such a delicious sandwich. Eggs are for ANY time of the day, any meal, any cuisine. Thank God for eggs, and bacon, and everything else in this sandwich.

So here's how I made this BEATS sandwich that really has nothing to do with music or any sort of beet.

First, I cooked some bacon (I only used 2 for the sandwich but I always cook extra for leftovers). While the bacon was cooking, I toasted the bread, cut up the avocado and tomatoes. I spread the avocado on both the pieces of bread, placed the tomatoes on top of the avocado.

After the bacon was cooked I took off most of the grease but left some to fry my eggs. I fry my eggs over easy (just crack that egg right into the skillet, let it sizzle and whiten for just a few minutes on one side, flip it, then let it cook for just a few seconds, then it's done- however, the perfect fried egg is hard to master every single time in my experience, so experiment with different ways...I like Smitten Kitchen's way, as well as Sunny Point Cafe's - which are both pretty different, Smitten cooks it hot and fast, and Sunny Point cafe recommends lower heat and slower time- there's no way one to cook the egg!). I placed the eggs over the tomatoes on the sandwich, placed the spinach, then the bacon and topped the last piece of avocado- smothered bread. Soo good.

I ate it with a side of breakfast sweet potatoes. Just embrace the messiness of this sandwich, it's okay and even better if that runny fried egg gets all over the sandwich and the sweet potatoes.

PLEASE NOTE: This isn't the *healthiest* meal in all the land. The bacon is a once-in-a-while-food, and sourdough bread, while not terrible, isn't something we should eat on the daily. Whole wheat is a better choice, but every once in a while I just can't resist that San Franciscan sourdough goodness.

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