Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cliche New Year's Challenge / Whole 30

This blog is anything but consistent. But I'm okay with that. Takes some time to create a post, especially if there are photos involved. It's fun to do, but I be busy, ya know?

Well, it's a New Year and I'm doing a new healthy eating challenge. Way to be cliche, right? But there's a reason people start anew in the new year. It's encouraging to try and change when others around you want to do the same. Also, no one wants to start a diet during the holidays - I mean the chocolate, the cheese, the drinks, the potatoes on potatoes! It's way too much temptation and requires a kind of will power that I simply do not have. Anyways, I'm doing Whole 30 with my roommates and boyfriend. Not to sound basic, but I sooo need a cleanse. I'm feeling real blah and unmotivated and this will get me into gear to get on track with eating a lot of fruits, veggies, nutritionally dense foods.

You can follow that link above to read about Whole 30 and the rules. Disclaimer: I haven't read the book or even the website that thoroughly. My roommates have, however, and it is pretty similar to strict paleo. When in doubt, I ask them about the rules. Click here to read the program rules.

I'm looking forward to it. It'll be fun to cook with everyone and have a little challenge/competition. We have a bet - if someone cheats, the others get to choose a song and the cheater must sing it and post the video on Facebook. None of us want to do that whatsoever. I also like that this challenge/diet does not require you to limit your intake of food or count calories. I haaate counting calories!

I am reading old posts on here about when I did a sort of whole 30 (it was more like strict paleo for 30 days) in 2011. I loved reading about my journey again. I have the worst/best jokes. I also liked reading how much better I felt after completing a challenge and feeding my body right. So hopefully I will blog again about this 30 day journey.

So here goes - tomorrow is DAY 1!!! G'bye to alcohol, chocolate, bread, sugar, ice cream, french fries........ you'll miss me, but not as much as I'll miss you :-( Hello to energy, self-confidence, better fitting clothes - I've missed you and hope you will join me soooooooon :-)

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