Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 5 / Stuffed Avocado with Tuna & Fruit Smoothie

A fear of "diets" or changing eating habits is that it is hard to find the time to cook. Both of these recipes were extremely easy and the tuna makes for great leftovers. I think you can do just about anything with a little bit of planning and organization, including eating healthier. I try not to overwhelm my week by making a complicated/new recipe every day - at most I try 1-2 new recipes a week...and even then I have found the best recipes are simple, and include ingredients I recognize and know I can find.

Here's what I ate:

  • paleo pancakes
  • 2 scrambled eggs 
Stuffed avocado with tuna
  • Stuffed avocado with tuna plus a little side of kale (basically it turned into a tuna/kale/avocado salad)
  • Banana/strawberry/blueberry/almond milk/almond butter smoothie 
Here is the stuffed avocado recipe. Many people may immediately say they hate tuna because they hate mayo. Fear not! This recipe is not mayonnaise-y at all. Julie was in the tuna-hating-camp but tried this recipe and loved it. It's great to make for leftovers for lunches and dinners throughout your week. This also goes great with salad greens. Also, be sure to look at ingredients when buying tuna! I was surprised that a lot contain soy. I found my tuna at Harris Teeter and Trader Joe's. 


~5 strawberries (cut in half or thirds)
~1/4 c blueberries
1 banana 
1 tbl almond butter
~1/4 c almond milk (unsweetened) 
~1/2 c ice (only needed if all of your fruit is fresh)

Place everything in a blender and blend! 

"~" means measure more with your eyes and stomach...It's all about how you like the consistency and taste. I rarely use exact measurements with smoothies unless I am trying something brand new. Go easy on the liquid or else it'll be well...liquidy. Also, if my berries are frozen I do not use ice. 

I was a little nervous this smoothie would not turn out as well without greek yogurt or honey, but it was delicious! 

  • Spaghetti squash with homemade marinara with veggies and ground beef (Julie made this - will try and get the recipe) 

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  1. Good reminder on the recipe...I'll have to remember to use that sometime soon. Made the broccoli tonight that you mentioned the other day - Matthew liked it =)