Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 4 (Monday) / Day of the Leftovers

L e f t o v e r s. I love them, especially if the food was homemade (by yourself or your awesome roommate). All you have to do is heat them up. So easy. So simple. So good. So useful (especially at the start of a work week). To spread main courses, such as chili, soups, meat, etc. you can whip up a side item such as a salad or roasted broccoli, and pair the meal with fruit.

Here's what I ate:

  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • Paleo Pancakes (made with batter I had made the night before) 
  • Leftover chili & salad (If I make a big salad I try to avoid putting dressing on it...doesn't wilt or get soggy if you want to save it for leftovers).
  • Leftover thai chicken 
  • Roasted broccoli 
    • My favorite way to roast broccoli is with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. This recipe here looks pretty similar to what I normally do. I could eat roasted broccoli on the daily. I love when it is extra crispy. Broccoli is fairly filling and goes with anything. 
Snacks included an apple, almonds, cashews and applesauce. One of my favorite parts about whole30 is that I don't really have to worry about super small portions or counting calories. Everything I am eating is good for me and I eat until I feel satisfied. I also never have that yuck or bloated feeling after eating. 

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