Monday, February 29, 2016

End of Whole 30 / Kale Power Bowl

So, I ended whole30 a while ago. I was semi-disappointed because I only lost 4 pounds. My boss lost like 12! However, 4 pounds is still a healthy amount to lose in 1 month. I felt good during whole30. I never had that guilt of regretting what I just ate. Never felt bloated or gross or overly full. However, I don't necessarily agree with all of what whole30 advocates for. I don't think there's anything wrong with quinoa, rice, whole wheat, black beans, greek yogurt, and a few others - at least in moderation. These past couple weeks I haven't been doing great as far as eating healthy, I must confess. It's difficult for me to find a good balance - either I'm all in or I'm not.

I am going to try and do the following. I liked my friend Julie's plan - she is a dietitian and one of the most balanced and well researched ones out there. I wrote about this plan last fall. I need to re-focus eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, and at each meal. I am going to cut out fried foods (perhaps only fried foods 2x month, like with bacon). I am also going to keep a log. That really helps me. Also, I am going to cut back on alcohol. I have an upcoming trip to New York and I am not going to drink until then - with one exception - I already had plans to get wine with a friend this Wednesday.

I will continue many whole30 recipes I have found, but maybe add some quinoa or greek yogurt :)

So, this Southwestern Kale Power Bowl is a great recipe that I like to make at the beginning of the week and heat up for lunch or quick dinner. All the ingredients are fairly cheap. I have yet to try it with pumpkin seeds, as those are more expensive, but I'm sure it is delicious. Something else I've been doing is heating up Butternut Squash Soup from Trader Joes (I'm sure homemade is better) - and to make it more exciting, I've added kale, sesame seeds, feta cheese, and olive oil. I also have some bacon I'll try with it.

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